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Tailgators Summer Shootout Results & Update on Major Future Pro Event

Press Release By: Curtis Houlden & Markus Noé

Last weekend August 11th-13th Tailgators in Ottawa Ontario held the 4th Annual Summer Shootout.   This year saw lots of firsts including adding a scotch doubles component and more divisions in singles. Pictures of the winners in each division are down below. Congratulations to all the winners! Full results with payouts can be found at

 Touhey Tax Gold division summer shootout champion Dave Casselman with runner up Greg Smyth

Runner up in the silber Scotch Doubles Brad & Rick Emery. Champions Milan Krauthaker and Terry Martin 

Winner of the Silver Singles Jimmy Jones

Bronze Winner Josh Bryan with runner up Brad Emery

Copper division runner-up Sam Lefebvre-Hanna with Champion Romeo Berti

Winner of the Bronze Scotch Doubles Roxanne Grenier and Steve Maclean

2017 first team all star
-Brad Emery
-Terry Martin 
-Dave Casselman
-Milan Krauthaker 

Samuel Lefebvre Hanna

2nd Team all-star
-Jim Jones
-Romeo Berti
Joshua Bryan
-Ian Johnstone
-Roxanne Grenier

Up next  at Tailgators is the Eastern Canadian Barbox Championships in November. As some of you know there is plans in the works to do a high entry 8 ball bar box event. The plan is to do this at the same time as the Eastern Canadians. Here are some of the details so far, keep in mind we are still in the feeling out process so these can change. 

The idea so far is to have a $1000 entry 8 player field with $2000 added. However with the amount of interest it is likely the field will be pushed to 16 and potentially more added money. Names such as Alain Martel, Erik Hjorleifson, Jason Klatt and Francis Crevier have already showed serious interest so far. We have been getting inquiries from around the world so we need players who are serious to confirm as soon as possible, contact Markus Noé or Curtis Houlden through Facebook, you can also go through the Cue Sport Nation page. 

Currently the last weekend in November looks like the appropriate date as there is a Falcon Tour Stop November 19-20 in Gatineau and TJ Martin's East Coast Canadian 9 Ball Open $35,000 added event November 7-12. Once again the earlier we get confirmations the more time we have to get added money and make the best event possible. 

Thursday, 13 July 2017

The Corner Bank: Results from the Vince McInyre Memorial Canada Bar Box Championships

Winner Jason Klatt with Angus McInyre

By: Erik Hjorleifson

This past weekend the Corner Bank in Scarborough, Ontario held the annual Vince McItnyre memorial tournament sponsored by Molson breweries. It has been about 4 years since Vince's passing and his involvement in the Ontario pool community is sorely missed. Vince was an active sponsor of myself and John Morra and many other top players in the area.

He also was known to enjoy a good "challenge match" and was a perennial favorite in any team competition he entered. This weekend was a great way to honour his memory with so many top players showing up to compete for the title at his favourite game, bar table 8 ball. Vince's brother Angus McIntyre made the trip down from Alberta to honour his memory and many fond memories were shared throughout the weekend.

The format was $5000 added, 8 ball,race to 8 on the winners side, race to 6 on the losers side with alternate breaks. Play would be on 15 newly clothed Diamond bar tables, the festivities kicked off on Thursday night with the player auction. The first two choices of the field  went for a total of $7700 combined, John Morra was chosen first and Jason Klatt went second. Myself, Tyler Styer, Andy Aupin and Ben Crawley also went for high amounts.

Play began Friday morning. The draw was fairly spread out among the top four favourites but there would be many players looking to take a shot at the them with 67 total entrants including most of the best players in Ontario. Former Canadian bar table champion Rob Hall drew into John Morra in the second round and John served notice that he was ready to play with an impressive 8-0 win. Jason Klatt also took on former World Junior English 8 ball champion Ben Crawley, Jason would come away with an 8 4 victory in this one.

Day two would see the field eliminated down to 12 players. The feature match of the day was between Tyler Styer and Jason Klatt, this match was very close with Jason edging out Tyler 8-6. Andy Aupin from Sudbury, myself and John Morra also advanced undefeated into Sunday play. Mario Morra, Louis Fazekas and Alain Lessard were the strongest threats  still alive on the losers side.

In the winners side semi final matches John Morra and I had a match filled with run outs seeing John get the final edge, Jason Klatt also defeated Andy Aupin 8-2. With the shortened race on the losers side and all of the players left in the tournament playing at a very high level it was anyone's game. Mario Morra not known for playing much on the bar table made a respectable run all the way to 4th place finally being defeated by Tyler Styer.

John Morra defeated Klatt in the winners side final who would now face Styer in the third place match. This proved to be another close one with Klatt edging out Styer 6-4. This set up a rematch between arguably the two best players in the tournament, these two have battled many times on Canadian soil. Today was Jason's day as he double dipped John 8-2 and 8-6 scoring a very well deserved win.

Special thanks goes out to the Corner Bank along with John White and Frank Kakouros for running the tournament. The Corner Bank has continued to raise the bar for competitive pool in Ontario and we hope to see more in the future.

1st Jason Klatt $3500
2nd John Morra $1900
3rd Tyler Styer   $1200
4th Mario Morra $700
5th Andy Aupin   $500
       Erik Hjorleifson
7th Tim Bristow  $350
       Jeet Khandai
9th Alain Lessard  $300
      Stefane Godhino
      Louis Fazekas
Top Amateur prize Tim Bistow and Stefane Godhino $250 each
Player Auction total $15, 200

Ottawa: Details for the 4th Annual 8 Ball Bar Box Summer Shootout at Tailgators

Press Release

The 4th Annual Summer Shootout at Tailgators in Ottawa will be held AUGUST 11TH -13TH.

Doubles which will be alternate shots format starts Friday August 11th at 6pm. The singles will start Sat afternoon.

The divisions are :

Copper doubles $40 per team TRS 180
Bronze doubles $50 per team TRS 160
Silver doubles  $60 per team TRS 110

Copper singles  $20 TRS MAX 90
Bronze singles  $40 TRS MAX 70
Silver singles  $50 TRS MAX 50

Touhey Tax invite tourney $100
($1000 added max 16 players. Yes Calcutta.  NO PROS )

***Spots are limited in all divisions so please contact Curtis Houlden to reserve your spot.   ****


         Host hotel is

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Instructional: A Beginners Pool Workout

 By: Luca Bares

If you want to improve your pool game there’s only one sure way to do it: time on the table. Practicing is the best way to improve, but you should avoid blindly hit balls into pockets for hours on end. Even though you’re at the table, this kind of practice doesn’t work on developing your focus and it doesn’t improve your weaknesses. To do that you need to know what areas of your game are lacking and deliberately work on those areas to get better.

To make your life easier, we put together this set of drills you can use for your own practice routine. While you use this guide, mark down how well you do on each drill in a notebook or on your phone. Over time this personal practice journal will show the gradual improvements you’ve made which will be a big motivator as you become a better player.

Stroke Drill

Putting unwanted left or right english is one of the most common mistakes beginners make. A lot of the time they don’t know they’re hitting the cue ball off center so it's hard to figure out why they missed. As you may know, english adds a whole host of variables that can change a shot like throw, swerve, and deflection so it's something you should avoid doing unless you're adding english on purpose. To get rid of unwanted english on the cue ball you have to work on your stroke. Luckily with the drill below you can accomplish just that!

Place the cue ball on the spot and take aim directly down the table towards the center diamond on the short rail. If it's hard to see this precise spot while down on the shot, place a piece of chalk over the diamond on the rail so you can see it while you shoot. From here shoot the cue ball down to the end rail and back. If the cue ball comes back and touches the tip of your cue without you moving the stick, you hit this shot correctly and no extra english was added. If the cue ball didn’t come directly back to your stick then there was some accidental english on the cue ball altering its path.

If you notice that the cue ball tends to go in one direction off the rail more than another, for example you hit the cue ball and it goes left off the rail, this means you are accidentally putting on left english. If this happens try to adjust by moving your cue stick a hair to the right until it comes back to where it's supposed to during this drill.

Challenge: Once you’re able to execute this shot consistently, add a little variation into the drill by hitting the cue ball with top or bottom spin as well. You’ll notice this increases the difficulty drastically and it’ll show how accurate your stroke is using top or bottom spin.

No Scratching Drill

The shot below is a dreaded shot for many. The reason is that the cue ball always tends to go towards the corner pocket and scratch when you least want it to. However, with a little knowledge and practice you can avoid a scratch easily. The secret is to use draw or follow on the cue ball to change its path.

Set up this shot with the 8 ball on the spot and the cue ball in the center of the table. From here, try to make this shot without scratching. Put follow on the cue ball to make it hit the short rail and use draw to pull it over to the side rail. Knowing how and when to use each will be important when playing position for different shots.

Shotmaking Drill

Side pocket shots are some of the most frustrating shots for a pool player. Despite the fact that the actual pocket opening is larger than the corner pockets, once you start to change the angle you come a the pocket with the cue ball or the object ball those pockets shrink up drastically. So there’s only one thing to do to practice these shots for a game: practice them.

Put an object ball in the middle of the table and the cue ball over the side pocket. From here try to pocket the object ball from every position in the diagram below. You might find the first four positions to be fairly easy, but once you start moving down the line, it begins to get much more difficult.

Safety Drill

An often overlooked aspect of a novice’s game is their safety play. This is a real shame because a novice player who can play a lock up safety can shoot one or two levels above their game to a player who isn’t as proficient when it comes to defense. A common occurrence that comes up, especially in nine ball is when the object ball is in the middle of the rail leaving you with not shot.

An easy and fairly simple safety to play in this situation is to hit half of the 9 ball and leave the cue ball and the nine on opposite sides of the long rails which leaves your opponent nothing but a bank or a return safety. This can be the difference between risking a game and winning a game

Wednesday, 22 March 2017


Time for some fun and nostalgia this week, but with a serious prize at the end of it, as we prepare for the revamped 2017 World Seniors Snooker Championship.

For a while it looked as if this title wouldn't be played for this season after the five year contract for the event (in its old guise) had expired and wasn't renewed.

However, Jason Francis of the popular Snooker Legends set up has rescued and breathed new life into the championship which is now exclusively for players who currently don't hold a professional tour card.

Amateur players aged 40 or above were given the unique opportunity to compete in all 4 of the qualification heats held. The winners of each advancing to the main stage at the Baths Hall in Scunthorpe where they will rub shoulders with some of the best. Read more about the qualifiers from England, Germany and Ireland here.

The overall champion of this year's competition will not only receive the title, trophy and a handsome £10,000 payday, but also a guaranteed place in the World Championship Crucible qualifiers next month at Ponds Forge. It leaves us with a number of intriguing possibilities and permutations.

The 12 player field consists of 8 former major champions and the 4 qualifiers.

All 8 of the invited legends have been seeded in accordance to their career accomplishments in terms of World Championships, Triple Crown Events and Ranking Events won. On that criteria only one person can be the top seed - the most successful player of all time, Stephen Hendry, who will be in competitive action for the first time since the 2013 World Seniors.

World Champions Cliff Thorburn, John Parrott, Dennis Taylor and Joe Johnson are the next respective seeds with 1977 UK Champion Patsy Fagan Number 6, two-time ranking event winner Tony Knowles Number 7 and former Classic winner Willie Thorne Number 8.

Seeds 5-8 will face the quartet of qualifiers in the Preliminary Round on Wednesday. In reality - and a reflection of the odds, the returning stars may find it tough against players who are still relatively match sharp and very active on the amateur circuit.

The winners of that will then face the top 4 seeds on Thursday in the Quarter-Finals, with the Semi-Finals scheduled for Friday afternoon and the Final in the evening.

Just like the qualifiers, all matches will be the best of 5 frames (an increase from the old format), although a black ball re-spot will determine the tie should it reach 2-2. The only exception to this is the final which will be extended to the best of 7 frames.

The pre-tournament favourite is actually Peter Lines who emerged as the first qualifier from the event held in Newbury last month. A professional for over 20 years, Lines got relegated from the circuit last season but has still regularly been in pro competitions this campaign as a Q-School Top Up entry. He has had some decent results too; most notably knocking out defending UK Champion Neil Robertson in Round One at the Barbican in York before Christmas.

Hendry is 5/2 second favourite. Should the great Scot win this event, he will head to Ponds Forge just three further wins away from appearing at the Crucible once again - his last professional appearance there was in 2012.

It is obviously difficult to gauge what Hendry's form is like, although he has been practising around his media and business arrangements in preparation. Having the most successful snooker player ever involved in this tournament - and possibly Sheffield, can only be good for the sport.

Patrick Wallace was the last qualifier through after claiming the Irish heat in Dublin a couple of weekends ago. The former World Championship Quarter-Finalist still plays to a high standard as he showed with a string of big breaks in advancing. Fellow qualifiers Jonathan Bagley and Aidan Owens are also match fit as they compete on the EASB circuit and beyond.

Thorburn, Parrott, Taylor, Johnson, Fagan and Knowles have all taken part in World Seniors action this decade, but with relatively little success.​ Thorne is set to play competitively for the first time since 2002.

Written and published by Michael Day on the 20th March 2017

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Chinese Pool World Championships: HOST NATION LOCKOUT - DAY 3 REVIEW

By: Michael Day 

Original Article

The finalists for both the Men's and Women's events in this year's Chinese Pool World Championships have been decided; they will both consist of all-Chinese pairings.

Two time World Chinese 8 Ball Master Yang Fan will meet the multi Cuesport disciplined Chu Bingjie in Thursday's final. Both will be appearing as maiden finalists here.

Yang (pictured above) has been superb throughout the competition so far. Untroubled during the double eliminators, he has since beaten Steve Martin 11-4, Wang Can 11-4, Zhu Long 13-9 and Jayson Shaw 13-9 in the knockouts. His Semi-Final elimination of Shaw meant the end of non-Chinese participation in the Men's division.

Having won back to back World Masters titles in 2015 and 2016, Yang can become the first ever winner of both Chinese 8 Ball's two biggest tournaments.

Chu booked his berth in the championship decider after coming from behind to beat international 9 ball star Liu Haitao 13-11 in the Last 4. Like Yang, he has remained undefeated, with former WPA World Number 1 ranked Carlo Biado of the Philippines being one of the players he saw off along the way.

For Chu, his achievement so far will be satisfying having reached the Quarter-Finals here in 2016 and finishing 4th in 2015.

The Women's Championship Final will be contested between Yu Jinpeng and Fu Xiaofang - they too will be maiden finalists of this tournament.

During the Semi-Finals, Yu won 11-4 against Korean superstar Ga Young Kim whilst Fu ended the hopes of reigning and defending champion Chen Siming 11-7. Fu had also ousted last year's Runner-Up Kelly Fisher 11-10 in the Quarter-Finals.

​​​Following the completion of the Semi-Finals were the 3rd/4th Place Play-Offs. These matches were significant as they not only awarded bronze medals to the winners, but also represented a difference of over £8,000 prize money in the Men's and nearly £6,000 in the Women's.

Shaw and Chen both finished their campaigns on positive notes with respective 13-12 and 11-8 victories.

Liu Haitao (China) 13-6 Phone Myint Kyaw (Myanmar)
Gong Haifeng (China) 10-13 Chu Bingjie (China)​
Jayson Shaw (Great Britain) 13-6 Mick Hill (Great Britain)
Yang Fan (China) 13-9 Zhu Long (China)

​Liu Haitao 11-13 Chu Bingjie
Jayson Shaw 9-13 Yang Fan

Liu Haitao 12-13 Jayson Shaw

​Liu Shasha (China) 9-11 Kim Gayoung (Korea)
Yu Jinpeng (China) 11-8 Wang Xiaotong (China)
Wang Ye (China) 10-11 Siming Chen (China)
Fu Xiaofang (China) 11-10 Kelly Fisher (Great Britain)

Kim Gayoung 4-11 Yu Jinpeng
Siming Chen 7-11 Fu Xiaofang

Kim Gayoung 8-11 Siming Chen

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Chinese Pool Men's World Championships: ONLY AN OCTET OF PLAYERS LEFT - DAY 2 REVIEW

By: Michael Day (The Cue View)
Original Article Link:

After just 2 days of intense action in Shangrao City, only 8 players from an original field of 63 remain in the race to become the 2017 Chinese Pool Men's World Champion.

We are now certain of a new name on the trophy following the Last 32 eliminations of Shi Hanqing and Darren Appleton. Shi's title defence was ended by Phone Myint Kyaw (Myanmar) 11-3 whilst 2015 winner Appleton lost to Liu Haitao 11-6.

5 of the 8 remaining players left are from the host nation - Yang Fan, Gong Haifeng, Chu Bingjie, Zhu Long and Liu. 

Two time World Chinese 8 Ball Master Yang has remained unbeaten on his route to the Last 8. He has arguably been the most impressive player so far having dropped just 15 frames in his four matches.

Eight players from Great Britain started the day, but come the end of it, only Scotland's Jayson Shaw and England's Mick Hill are left; both players coming from the 'B Side' in the Double Eliminators.

Shaw sealed his Quarter-Final spot with a trio of victories on Tuesday over Jack Whelan, Clint I'Anson and Ko Pin Yi. 

Hill, last year's beaten finalist, gained revenge over former WPA World 8 & 9 Ball Champion Wu Jiaqing with a deciding frame 11-10 win in the Last 16. Wu had previously beaten him during the opening day.

The only other non-Chinese entry left is Kyaw, who continues to go somewhat under the radar despite some very positive results.

Wednesday will see the completion of the Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals and the 3rd/4th Place Play-Offs.

LOSERS SIDE, FINAL ROUND - Double Elimination Section
Zhang Guanghao (China) 9-3 Dai Yong (China)
Zhang Kunpeng (China) 1-9 Liu Yong (China)Thorsten Hohmann (Germany) 8-9 Qiao Fengwei (China)
Gong Haifeng (China) 9-5
Zheng Peng (China)
Liu Haitao (China) 9-6
Dang Jinhu (China)
Zheng Xiaohuaix (China) 3-9 Shen Chongyang (China)Chao Lumen (China) 4-9 Li He (China)Chia-Chen Hsieh (Chinese Taipei) 5-9 Zhu Long (China)
Steven Martin (Great Britain) 9-6
Radoslaw Babica (Poland)
Jack Whelan (Great Britain) 2-9 Jayson Shaw (Great Britain)Brandon Shuff (USA) 3-9 Antonio Lining (Philippines)

Gareth Hibbott (Great Britain) 9-7 Cheng Yuhsuan (Chinese Taipei)
Chang Jung Lin (Chinese Taipei) 9-4
Shane O'Hara (Republic of Ireland)
Carlo Biado (Philippines) 9-6
Yang Ching-Shun (Chinese Taipei)
Alex Pagulayan (Canada) 4-9 Phone Myint Kyaw (Myanmar)Chang Yu Lung (Chinese Taipei) 7-9 Mick Hill (Great Britain)

LAST 32 (The event from now on is single elimination - 16 from Winners Side v 16 from Losers Side)
​Zhu Long 11-10 Zheng Yubo (China)
Jin Xudong (China) 5-11 Gareth HibbottLi He 9-11 Wang Can (China)
Yang Fan (China) 11-4
Steven Martin
Mick Hill 11-7
Wang Peng (China)
Wu Jiaqing (China) 11-5
Qiao Fengwei
Meng Fanyu (China) 11-10
Liu Yong
Liu Haitao 11-6
Darren Appleton (Great Britain)
Steven Petty (Great Britain) 5-11 Shen Chongyang
Phone Myint Kyaw  11-3
Shi Hanqing (China)
Yu Haitao (China) 11-10
Zhang Guanghao

Gong Haifeng 11-5 Corey Deuel (USA)
Lee Van Corteza (Philippines) 8-11 Carlo BiadoChang Jung Lin 7-11 Chu Bingjie (China)
Pin-Yi Ko (Chinese Taipei) 11-4
Antonio Lining
Jayson Shaw 11-6
Clint I'Anson (Great Britain)

Meng Fanyu 4-11 Liu HaitaoShen Chongyang 8-11 Phone Myint KyawYu Haitao 9-11 Gong HaifengCarlo Biado 5-11 Chu BingjiePin-Yi Ko 7-11 Jayson ShawWu Jiaqing 10-11 Mick Hill
Yang Fan 11-4
Wang Can

Gareth Hibbott 3-11 Zhu Long